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From Memristors to Nanostores and Microblades

The recent SC10 supercomputer show was quite a showcase of virtually all the current supercomputer hardware and software technology. Customers who attended the HP-CAST user group just prior to SC10 received an even deeper view into HP’s future HPC product … Continue reading

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Overheard at SC10

After several dozen customer, press, analyst interviews, and lots of show floor walking over the last few days, I’ve come up with my list of favorite comments. “A petaflop supercomputer costs about $100,000,000.” Hum. Not sure what that person’s reference … Continue reading

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SC10 Afternoon Snack

After a long day of SC10 meetings, I’m ready for an afternoon snack, these tasty looking apples, courtesy of Tokyo Tech’s TSUBAME2.0, should do the trick. Of course, HP has 159 other systems on the Top500 list in addition to … Continue reading

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SC10 Kicks Off Today With a Splash

If you are headed to New Orleans for SC10, be sure to bring your coat and be ready for a few splashes as the rain is coming down this morning. One big splash that kicked off the week yesterday was … Continue reading

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HP-CAST Day 1 Wrapup

Wow, what an exciting start for my SC10 trip to New Orleans. This morning I joined over 250 HP customers, partners, and staff who arrived at SC10 a few days early to attend the HP-CAST (HP Consortium for Advanced Scientific … Continue reading

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HP Accelerates Customer HPC Initiatives

I’m headed to SC10 soon, arriving early to kick off the HP-CAST user group meeting in New Orleans this evening. I can’t remember ever being this excited about attending SC! My schedule for the next week is 100% packed with … Continue reading

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