SC10 Afternoon Snack

After a long day of SC10 meetings, I’m ready for an afternoon snack, these tasty looking apples, courtesy of Tokyo Tech’s TSUBAME2.0, should do the trick.

Of course, HP has 159 other systems on the Top500 list in addition to TSUBAME2.0, so let me say a little about #117, the Georgia Tech Keeneland system recently installed at ORNL. Like TSUBAME2.0, Keeneland is based on the HP SL390s server and Nvidia GPUs. The Keeneland system is the largest deployment we are aware of using Nvidia’s latest M2070 GPU, supporting 6 GB of memory per GPU (TSUBAME2.0 primarily uses Nvidia M2050 GPUs with 3 GB of GPU memory). Keeneland was built and integrated at HP’s Houston Texas factor and delivered to ORNL, which was able to run a full system Linpack test within several days of delivery, a task that would have taken weeks or months to complete without HP’s factory integration services. Just another example of HP accelerating customer’s scientific research initiatives.


About Marc Hamilton

Marc Hamilton – Vice President, Solutions Architecture and Engineering, NVIDIA. At NVIDIA, the Visual Computing Company, Marc leads the worldwide Solutions Architecture and Engineering team, responsible for working with NVIDIA’s customers and partners to deliver the world’s best end to end solutions for professional visualization and design, high performance computing, and big data analytics. Prior to NVIDIA, Marc worked in the Hyperscale Business Unit within HP’s Enterprise Group where he led the HPC team for the Americas region. Marc spent 16 years at Sun Microsystems in HPC and other sales and marketing executive management roles. Marc also worked at TRW developing HPC applications for the US aerospace and defense industry. He has published a number of technical articles and is the author of the book, “Software Development, Building Reliable Systems”. Marc holds a BS degree in Math and Computer Science from UCLA, an MS degree in Electrical Engineering from USC, and is a graduate of the UCLA Executive Management program.
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