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New Yale Cluster Most Powerful in Ivy League

Ivy League schools in the US have always been very competitive in many sports and academic pursuits. Now Yale University is claiming a new first, fastest supercomputer in the Ivy League with their HP-powered Bulldog O cluster. I’m excited to … Continue reading

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HPC Friday – Big Data & Real-time Brain Mapping

I’ve enjoyed a few days of real vacation this week and stayed mostly offline, so time to catchup with this week’s HPC Friday. My inspiration today comes from this week’s GigaOM interview with Andy Bechtolsheim on emerging hardware and software … Continue reading

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Power Efficient HPC Computing

As I sit writing this blog, the HP Power Assistant tells me my laptop is using about 16 watts. I can also easily select several profiles to dial up or down performance and power usage. Now if only managing power … Continue reading

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HPC Friday – Setting New PRs With Nvidia

This week I had the great pleasure of speaking to about 200 Nvidia sales & technical staff during a worldwide training session. I was speaking just before one of HP’s product managers presenting on the 14 HP ProLiant servers like … Continue reading

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HP and the NSF Extreme Digital (XD) Program

This week, several institutions submitted proposals to the US National Science Foundation (NSF) for the $30M NSF XD program based on HP supercomputer designs. According to the NSF web site, the NSF requests proposals from organizations willing to serve as … Continue reading

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HPC Friday

Fridays are typically quite busy, so here are a few random HPC related notes. One of my favorite IT journalist, Ashlee Vance, has moved over to Bloomberg Businessweek and published his first BW story titled, The Cloud: Battle of the … Continue reading

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Get Ready For CUDA 4.0 and HP’s SL390 G7 4U

OK, so you read my blog post yesterday about the new HP ProLiant SL390 G7 4U server and went to the HP web site and purchased one, complete with eight Nvidia M2070 GPUs, on-board 10G/IB networking, and twice the internal … Continue reading

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