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When FLOPS Become Free

The Top500 list has for years focused on peak FLOPS (floating point operations per second), and companies like HP take great pride in pointing out our 159 systems in the Top500, so what happens when FLOPS become free? That was … Continue reading

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HPC Friday – HP-CAST Registration Now Open

Registration for HP-CAST 16, HP’s HPC user group meeting and conference is now open. HP-CAST 16 will take place in Hamburg, Germany from June, 17 – 18, 2011 at the Radisson Blu Hotel, prior to the International Supercomputer Conference.. While … Continue reading

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HPC Friday

While I spend most of my time talking to customers building HPC systems using today’s mainstream hardware and software technology like x86 servers with GPUs, high speed infiniband or 10G interconnects, and high speed storage, one of the perks of … Continue reading

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More On Data Center Metrics

I received a few inquiries regarding the carbon usage effectiveness (CUE), water usage effectiveness (WUE), and energy reuse effectiveness (ERE) metrics in my last blog. In case you didn’t recognize these metrics, they aren’t something HP thought up, they were … Continue reading

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The Open Compute Project & HPC

I’ve spent a few free minutes today browsing the first specifications released today by the Open Compute Project. One certainly has to applaud Facebook and other members of the Open Compute Project for sharing their work in building energy efficient … Continue reading

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HPC System Scalability

When HPC vendors mention the word scalability, not far behind comes talk of Exascale computing. Using the simple definition of the Top500 list, an Exascale system would be about 400 times more powerful than the current Top500 record holder clocking … Continue reading

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Rocks+ & HP Unified Cluster Portfolio

I had a chance to catch up with the new management team over at Clustercorp today and hear what’s new with Rocks+ since their recent $3M Series A round of funding. Rocks+ is a commercially licensed and supported version of … Continue reading

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