New Balance 890 Test Run

I’ve been running in New Balance 1226’s (and their predecessors) for years, but for some reason the NB 890 on the back cover of Runners World caught my eye yesterday. So, egged on by my about to expire Road Runner Sports 20% off coupon, I decided to go out and buy a pair yesterday.

With nothing else pressing to do this morning, I decided to try them out. It was one of those perfect running days, but as I started out I wasn’t quite sure how far I wanted to run so I figured new shoes would be a good excuse to cut my run short if I decided I wasn’t into it today. I started off along central trail, a nice decomposed granite running path that would be just thing thing to try out the 890’s. But as I hit the mile mark, the shoes cried out for more. It had been a week since our late winter rains so I decided to give Si’s Trail a try to really test the 890’s. Si’s is a steep, narrow, hiking & horse trail and the local equestrians ensure there are plenty of ankle twisting horseshoe mudholes to test even the best trail shoe, so I was ready to turn back with my super lightweight 890’s if the going got too tough. Exactly 60 minutes into the run I made it to the top of Si’s. I couldn’t believe how good the 890’s still felt.

Time to start back. The next mile on the level, chipped path following Crest Road gave me time to recover and get ready for the last part of my 890 test. How would my knees feel after heading back down to my starting elevation on the paved path following Silver Spur road? Once again, the 890’s handled it like a champ. My watch clicked off 1:55 just as reached home.

I never expected a super lightweight, neutral shoe like the 890 could feel so good after being so used to my super-cushioned, stability, 1226’s, especially not on a tough trail and pavement run like today. What can I say, I’m a convert. Sometimes change is good.

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4 Responses to New Balance 890 Test Run

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  2. Markus says:

    Interesting blogpost regarding the 890 model indeed.. But I must say I prefer the new balance 1226 model after having tested both of them under a long term period. But whatever floats your boat 🙂


  3. Thanks for the NB 890 review. So have you stuck with them? Would you recommend them?

    • I still really like the 890’s for a lightweight running shoe but after more use my feet tell me I need more of a stability shoe for everyday use. I still use the 890’s maybe 1 day a week but have switched to the NB 1260 for my everyday runs. Road Runner Sports does offer a 30 day run and return policy and takes back used shoes if they didn’t work for you. My son tried a new pair of running shoes earlier this year and didn’t like them and they took them back, no questions asked, with the shoes clearly in runned-in condition.

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