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HPC Design Challenges

Last week I had the opportunity to meet with a number of HP engineers as well as several of our HPC partners and several startups and discuss some of the design challenges of future HPC systems. Achieving Exascale performance by … Continue reading

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Architecture Does Matter

“Architecture Does Matter”, my favorite quote of the day, from UCLA’s Scott Friedman, Chief Technologist at UCLA’s Institute for Digital Research and Education. With students returning to campus for the first day of Winter quarter classes, it was one of … Continue reading

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Q&A With HP Labs on Disruptive Technology

I’ve commented several times in my blog on MIT’s Technology Review being one of my favorite magazines. The January/February issue doesn’t disappoint. The “to market” section had a great blurb on HP’s Project Moonshot with a nice picture of the … Continue reading

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Energy Efficiency In All The Right Places

This month HP started delivery of a very large supercomputer consisting of over 2000 of our next generation SL6500 servers. The customer just happens to be a very large oil company and so when discussing the system with my teenage … Continue reading

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