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University of Michigan’s New EcoPOD Opening Soon

The University of Michigan is getting ready to commission their new HP EcoPOD shown in the artist rendering below. They have a nice slideshow of the EcoPOD being installed and even highlight the EcoPOD on their Information and Technology Services … Continue reading

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The Last ExaFLOP Supercomputer

Few people question that an ExaFLOP supercomputer will be built in the coming years. But rather than write about the first ExaFLOP system, I thought I would ponder the last one. If you believe HPC veteran Thomas Sterling, Professor of … Continue reading

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A Renaissance In Software Development

From Facebook hackers to CUDA game programmers a renaissance in software development is occurring and driving an ever increasing demand for software developers. Between 2000 and 2007 computer science enrollment in US universities dropped by about 50%! There was undoubtedly … Continue reading

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Increasing Real World Performance With GPUs

If the slow page load times this morning of the Nvidia GPU Tech Conference are any indication, there is going to be a record crowd at this year’s gathering of Nvidia fans. No doubt, when Nvidia co-founder and CEO Jen-Hsun … Continue reading

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HP Cloud Now Available

The HP Cloud public beta, is now available for anyone to use. I spoke about the public beta several weeks ago at the Adaptive Moab User Group Conference, video courtesy of Rich Brueckner at

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HP-CAST Keynotes Announced

The keynote speakers for HP’s 18th HP-CAST HPC user group have been announced. HP-CAST will be held immediately prior to ISC12 next month in beautiful Hamburg, Germany. We will have three keynote speakers this year: Prof. Thomas Ludwig, head of … Continue reading

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