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Next Generation Computer Interfaces

What we consider a “computer” will likely change even faster in the next decade than the previous, but the computers we use everyday are likely to still have some sort of display and utilize a GPU for many years to … Continue reading

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IBM’s Laser Focus on OpenPower

With IBM’s pending sale of it’s x86 server business to Lenovo, their remaining server business is squarely focused on Power, and that holds great promise for innovation via the OpenPower Foundation. The concept of an “open” CPU architecture is not … Continue reading

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China HPC Perspectives – Part 2

Today I continue my China HPC Perspectives series by talking about what some of the Chinese IT companies are up to in the HPC space. Even before the recent announcement by Lenovo to acquire IBM’s x86 server business, local Chinese … Continue reading

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China HPC Perspectives – Part 1

The last time I visited China several years ago, most of the HPC work was centered in the realm of scientific data processing. In November 2010, the Tianhe-1A system, with 7168 NVIDIA GPUs, had just been named the fastest supercomputer … Continue reading

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China’s Retail Running Shoe Market

Despite my occasional posts on running and running shoes, I didn’t know much about China’s retail running shoe market until finding myself in Shenzhen last week only to discover I had left my running shoes at home. Next week I’ll … Continue reading

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