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Tesla HW2 Autopilot Tips

I’m not sure I’ve ever enjoyed being stuck in freeway traffic before autopilot, but a few tips thanks to my adventures yesterday. To engage the beta traffic-aware cruise control you need to be traveling at least 5 MPH. But once … Continue reading

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Tesla HW2 Autosteer First Drive

Yesterday evening I was driving on the CA 87 freeway in Santa Clara, heading South to San Jose with three other NVIDIA solution architects. It was after sunset, raining, and slow traffic even in the carpool lane. Then, alsmost as … Continue reading

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Tejon Ranch to Gilroy With Tesla HW2 Autopilot

Headed North today on California’s interstate 5, with plenty of charge to make it to the Buttonwillow supercharger, I pulled into Tejon Ranch supercharger around lunchtime today not because of the nearby In-N-Out Burger but hoping I had driven enough … Continue reading

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Tesla HW2 Autopilot Upgrade (v2.50.185)

As Elon Musk promised in his New Year’s Eve tweet and exactly two weeks and 649 miles after taking delivery of my Tesla Model S, on New Year’s day I received my HW2 Autopilot software upgrade. The only nicer surprise … Continue reading

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