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The Secret Weapon of NVIDIA’s Solution Architect Team

NVIDIA’s worldwide team of solution architects work with our largest customers around the world to solve some of the toughest high performance computing, deep learning, enterprise graphics virtualization, and advanced visualization problems. Often, as in the recent US Department of … Continue reading

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IBM’s Laser Focus on OpenPower

With IBM’s pending sale of it’s x86 server business to Lenovo, their remaining server business is squarely focused on Power, and that holds great promise for innovation via the OpenPower Foundation. The concept of an “open” CPU architecture is not … Continue reading

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China HPC Perspectives – Part 1

The last time I visited China several years ago, most of the HPC work was centered in the realm of scientific data processing. In November 2010, the Tianhe-1A system, with 7168 NVIDIA GPUs, had just been named the fastest supercomputer … Continue reading

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High Performance Computing in India

For those of you who didn’t catch my update on Linkedin, since my last post I’ve started a new position at NVIDIA leading their worldwide solutions architecture and engineering team. I’m super excited about my new job, in part as … Continue reading

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The Last ExaFLOP Supercomputer

Few people question that an ExaFLOP supercomputer will be built in the coming years. But rather than write about the first ExaFLOP system, I thought I would ponder the last one. If you believe HPC veteran Thomas Sterling, Professor of … Continue reading

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HPC Features in New ProLiant Gen8 Servers

This week HP announced the new ProLiant Gen8 server line, the world’s most self-sufficient servers. I know, HPC customers are looking for the detailed speeds and feeds, and that information will become available in the coming weeks as specific ProLiant … Continue reading

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Optimizing HPC Server Memory Configurations

Choosing the right memory configuration for your next server can have a significant impact on application performance. Long gone are the days when all you needed to do was specify memory size based on simple “GB per core” rules. Yet … Continue reading

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HPC Design Challenges

Last week I had the opportunity to meet with a number of HP engineers as well as several of our HPC partners and several startups and discuss some of the design challenges of future HPC systems. Achieving Exascale performance by … Continue reading

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University of Hamburg & GPU Computing

Home to the International Supercomputer Show for the last three years, Hamburg is a great place to learn about High Performance Computing. It is no surprise, therefore, to hear the University of Hamburg, one of the largest universities in Germany, … Continue reading

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Race HP and Nvidia To High Performance at HP-CAST

There is still time to register for this week’s HP-CAST HPC user group, which will focus on Highly energy efficient HPC systems and data-centers Future Processors, GPU and chipset roadmaps HPC and Cloud Computing Several sessions will focus on how … Continue reading

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